Diana Armstrong, Artist

Sole proprietor, di Boor Art

Compelled to create custom 3-dimensional home decor art, I created my company, "di Boor Art", located in New Richmond, WI, near the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN.


I wanted my pieces to appear heavy and grand, yet actually be lightweight for easy hanging and moving. I discovered foam sculpting was the answer. Depending on the size, these pieces can be hung with just one, or a few, nails or screws.


The basic design is carved in polystyrene foam and/or Styrofoam®, some of which is upcycled from packaging materials. Then I cover and refine the design with plaster that is specifically formulated for foam materials (and sand if needed). I beautify with metallic acrylic paint. To finish, I cover with a clear shell to strengthen and protect.

This site is a portfolio for design presentation only. My pieces are currently sold at The Art Guild Gallery in Stillwater, MN. Please contact me to inquire of any available pieces on my site. I welcome parties interested in the commission of a custom-designed wall sculpture (note: pieces may take a few weeks to produce). Please email on the Contact page if interested. Comments and critiques are also welcome.


Thank you for visiting my portfolio website!

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