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About di Boor Art. Portfolio website of jewelry for walls! Diana Armstrong shares how her lightweight wall sculptures came to be, what inspires her,  and where you can see her art.

Diana Armstrong, Artist

Sole proprietor, di Boor Art

Compelled to create custom 3-dimensional home decor art, I created my company, "di Boor Art", located in New Richmond, WI, near the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN.


I wanted my pieces to appear heavy and grand, yet actually be lightweight for easy hanging and moving. I discovered foam sculpting was the answer. Depending on the size, these pieces can be hung with just one, or a few, nails or screws.


The basic design is carved in polystyrene foam and/or Styrofoam®, some of which is upcycled from packaging materials. Then I cover and refine the design with plaster that is specifically formulated for foam materials (and sand if needed). I beautify with metallic acrylic paint. To finish, I cover with a clear shell to strengthen and protect.

This site is a portfolio for design presentation only. My pieces are currently sold at The Art Guild Gallery in Stillwater, MN. Please contact me to inquire of any available pieces on my site. I welcome parties interested in the commission of a custom-designed wall sculpture (note: pieces may take a few weeks to produce). Please email on the Contact page if interested. Comments and critiques are also welcome.


Thank you for visiting my portfolio website!

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